5 Challenges in SEO you may come across when you implement in your design projects

5 Challenges in SEO

The world of SEO has its hurdles. The following are 5 Challenges in SEO  you may come across when you implement in your design projects.

5 Challenges in SEO  you may come across when you implement in your design projects

1 Time constraints

People expect an SEO  implementation to deliver quick results. In reality, it takes weeks or  even months to see a positive result.

A true SEO consultant always adheres to legitimate tactics and does not try to fool the search  engines. Using devious tactics can help you gain results, but it will  not be long before you are caught, resulting in penalties.

Violations  can cost you dearly. Some penalties are relatively lenient: your site  is not featured in the top results as a result of being downgraded.  But there are also severe penalties, including delisting your site  from the search results (it depends on the severity of the violation).

2 Avoiding irrelevant, spammy content

Content is king, as you will  hear often in SEO training and tutorials. Well, content-driven  websites usually fare well with SEO implementation, provided  the content is engaging and relevant. Simply stuffing your  content with keywords may not lead to good results.

You need  to understand user intent via their queries instead of focusing  on what search engines like.

For example, if your site advertises  plumbing services in Toronto, then using irrelevant content such  as smartphone reviews or vacations in Ibiza would be misleading.

The focus of the content must not distract users. Users must  receive the information they expect when they surf your website.  Moreover, factors such as manipulating content, aggressive link  building, and poor content may eventually prove detrimental.

Search engines like fresh content. Therefore, if your content has  not changed for a long time, or if you have used duplicate content  from another website, your site will not appear in the top results.

3 Not including SEO while designing your website

Implementing SEO in a project after the website has been  designed may lead to discouraging results. While building the  website, you need to consider factors important for SEO and UX  design.

For example, on an e-commerce website, it is imperative  that the checkout facility is clearly visible, because some users  just select an item and then want to check out. If the user  cannot locate the checkout facility easily, it results in inefficient  navigation, leading to a poor UX. Users will not visit a website   again if they have difficulty navigating it.

4 Heavy-duty sites

Cramming your website with as many features  as possible or too much content can affect the UX significantly.

Heavy-duty sites lead to excessive page-load times, and studies  have suggested that users abandon searches if page-load times  are not optimal. Less is more. Proper utilization of whitespace,  efficient site architecture, and user-friendly design, along with  relevant content, will streamline the UX, prompting users to  return.

An excellent example is the Google home page, www.google.com . There is a search box in the middle of the screen; users, on visiting the page, enter search terms in the box. Most users  end up doing what Google expects them to do: search for  information. There are no distractions on the page. This  approach works because there is no bulk or clutter to waylay  users when they visit the site

Challenges in SEO - Heavy-duty sites lead to excessive page-load times

5 Defective products

Customers are the most important thing for  businesses, and their feedback and recommendations are vital.

If the quality of your products is not up to the mark, it is likely  that users will not return, regardless of your website content.  Apologies do not matter in the case of a flawed product or bad  customer experience. Hence, the quality of your showcased  products as well as efficient issue resolution are essential in  generating user traffic to your website.

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