Off-page SEO techniques - 4 factors to increase your domain authority

Off-page SEO techniques

Whereas on-page SEO and on-site SEO factors are based on the elements and content on your web page or site, off-page SEO techniques are external and help you rank higher in SERPs.

Off-page SEO techniques

They are not design or code related and are more like promotional concepts. This section looks at the following:

Social Media

Expand your reach by taking advantage of social media optimization and marketing. Social media is an amazing medium with an ever-increasing scope. You can indulge in networking and increase your connections considerably.

Reaching out to the modern target audience is beneficial because users can share and promote your website. Keep your audience engaged, and share updates with them.

For example, Facebook and LinkedIn can be awesome utilities that let you expand your business horizons significantly.

Share updates and keep your users in the loop using Twitter. You can use the capabilities of these social media sites for branding and advertising for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods such as television advertising, press releases, and Yellow Pages listings.


Blogging is an excellent tool for achieving user engagement. You can keep users abreast of the latest trends and technologies in your niche. Informative content on blogs acts as supplementary information about your products or services.

Troubleshooting steps, product-relevant content, and meaningful information are some of the elements that can be included on a blog. A plethora of blogging domains and tools can help you reach out to your audience.

Inbound and relevant links from your blog to your site can boost your SEO implementation significantly.

Localization and Citations

Local SEO is an important off-page factor because it caters to the user’s region. It is a boon especially for small- and medium-size enterprises because it helps them connect with users in their vicinity.

Google My Business allows you to list your business and gain prominence in SERPs. You can place your products or services and categorize them so that they show up when a search query is used for that category or niche in the region.

Information such as working hours, updates, and contact information can be provided,  leading to better accessibility.

Local citations are brand mentions or reviews that educate users about product robustness or attributes.

Local SEO utilities such as Yelp and Foursquare are extremely helpful for understanding the pros and cons of your products or services, courtesy of user feedback or input.

Reviews help you establish a connection with users and understand their viewpoint and concerns related to your business. Increasing interaction with your  users will help streamline your business in the long run.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are links from other domains pointing toward your website. Links from domains with high page rank and authority are preferable and lend more credibility than links from domains with low authority or low page rank.

The number of domains that link to your website can be a crucial factor. Studies suggest that links from several different domains to your site can boost your SEO implementation.

However, you should not indulge in link farming or use underhanded techniques, which may result in a penalty.

There should not be too many links from a single domain, because this is an indication of spamming and can have negative consequences.

Referral links from blogs, social media sites, and news aggregators are handy, provided they are relevant and contextual.

Inbound links from another domain’s home page or key pages are more useful than links  from a sidebar or an insignificant page location.

Google recommends getting links from domains with high-quality content. Forums, reviews, and comments can contain links pointing to your website and enhance your site presence, provided they are not irrelevant.

Backlinks from social bookmarking sites (such as Reddit) and web directories (such as DMOZ) can affect visibility positively.

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